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6 Reasons to Hire a House Painter in the Kansas City Area

Hiring a house painter can take a bite out of your wallet. So, many homeowners put it off until it’s time to put their home on the market. This procrastination often originates from a lack of understanding just what a fresh coat of paint can do for a home. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about looks at all.

Below are some non-aesthetic reasons to get a quote on painting your home today.

Hire a House Painter in the Kansas City

The Six Benefits of Exterior House Painting

  1. It Increases Resale Value: According to Open Door, painting the exterior of your home results in an average ROI of 55 percent. In other words, spending $1,500 on a house painter will increase your home’s value by something around $2,325. This is why most real estate agents start by telling you to pick up a roller.
  2. House Painting Keeps the Weather Out: Exterior paint functions as a barrier between your house and the outside world. It provides a waterproof coating that protects your home from high winds, rain, and driving sleet.
  3. Hiring a Painter Helps Keep Bugs at Bay: Scared of spiders? Worried about termites? Well, painting your house can calm your inner entomophobia. This is doubly true if your home has wooden or rotted shingles. A professional Kansas City home painter knows how to apply paint in a way that seals cracks and helps keep bugs away for good.
  4. Painting Your Home Uncovers Issues: As you spend more time in your home, you’re less likely to spot issues with its exterior. Just like the 27 stoplights on the way home, the color and shape of your siding eventually fade into white noise. This means missing issues like crooked gutters, cracked foundation blocks, or rotten shingles. Professional painters are trained to notice small exterior issues before they turn into larger ones.
  5. Rot and Fresh Paint Don’t Mix: Wooden shingles add character to any home. But, unlike vinyl, they’re prone to rotting and mildew. Fortunately, a can of paint keeps that problem from rearing its ugly head.
  6. Fresh Paint Can Extend the Life of Your Siding: Regardless of what type of siding you use, a new coat of paint can help it last longer. This saves you thousands of dollars over the life of your home. Please note that no amount of paint can save siding that’s in poor condition, however. If you notice large cracks in your siding, ask about our vinyl and wood installation services.

Hire A House Painter That’s Been Helping People in the Kansas City Area Since 1992

From warding off insects to increasing your house’s value, painting your home is one of the smartest investments you can make. But it’s not as simple as finding a color you like and heading to the hardware store. You need to consider what paint suits your home best, what type of brushes are best suited to the job, and whether your life insurance covers rickety ladders.

Hiring a licensed professional painter means leaving these decisions to the experts. Call Stack Painting today for a no-obligation quote on exterior house painting. You can also visit our gallery to see some examples of our work.