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Stack Painting Was Established in 1992

High Quality Outcomes – Interior Painting, Wood Rot and Remodeling

No significant construction project is without hiccups and delays. Even with Stack Painting. The difference is Tom Stack is there to adjust and do everything he can to keep the project moving and provide very high quality outcomes. He answers texts, emails and cell calls promptly and at all hours of the day and night. His crews almost worked too long some days but you cant complain when they also show up for an after hours call. Tom has exacting standards. They are as high as yours or higher. He also has great ideas that come from his experience. Stack’s price reflects their work. As we learned from the first person we hired sometimes less does actually cost you more.

Description of work:
Stack Painting came in after we had to fire a painter doing interior walls, trim, railings cabinets and removing popcorn ceilings so the job was difficult before they started. They had to undo/correct most of what had been done. Having watched how they did the initial job we wound up having them also paint the exterior, replace wood rotted siding and remodel 2 bathrooms.

– Angie’s List User

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