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Important Steps Painters Need to Follow to Prep Your Home for Exterior Paint in Johnson County

As homeowners, many of us tend to neglect the exterior paint on our home because it seems like an overwhelming and complicated process. But if you hire the right painters Johnson County, it really doesn’t need to be! A fresh coat of paint can revive your homes appearance and prevent costly damage to your homes exterior.

When searching for painters in Johnson County, make sure each one reviews their process with you. A qualified painter should follow these critical steps to ensure that your homes exterior paint job lasts for years to come!

TSP – Triserferic  & Pressure Wash

One of the most important ground rules for exterior painters to follow is do not paint a dirty surface. Painting over grimy surfaces that have been subject to the elements for years will not do you any favors. The grit will not allow the paint to properly adhere to the homes exterior, which means youll simply be paying to get your house painted again in a year or two, rather than a decade from now.

Johnson County painters should use a pressure washer with a TSP cleaning solution. This will ensure that any mold or mildew is killed, as well as prevent future growth. After this, surfaces will be sparkling and primed for paint!

Proper Masking & Taping
If youre paying professional painters in Johnson County, masking and taping should be on point. One of the biggest issues with doing your own paint job is that tape is typically not applied correctly, leaving room for little streams of paint to leak onto surfaces that you didnt want painted like the window, trim, or front door.

Step: Get to Painting!

When both those tasks are checked off and the weather aligns, its time to get painting! Your home will be the talk of Johnson County, out there looking like a million bucks. Once its done, if done properly, paint these days can last up to a decade.

If youre in need of internal and external home painters in Johnson County, give us a call.